What’s your Townsend Resolution for 2023?


Jialin Chen

Students share their goals for the new year.

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Though last week The Classic asked for 2023 resolutions, there are always other resolutions that students and teachers make at Townsend Harris: their school ones. 

Some students shared goals pertaining to their average and how they wanted to continue doing well in school. “My academic resolution is to…maintain my average,” said junior Alishya Loyd. 

Similarly, junior Jinhang Ren plans on “completing [her] art portfolio” and maintaining her average.  

Some students are more focused on enhancing their academic skills, such as Sophomore Aastha Patel, who wants “to improve my writing skills.” 

While others, such as junior Varune Seecharan, plan on time management, “My academic resolution is to reevaluate my schedule and the clubs I am a part of in order to make more time for studying for my language classes as well as the SAT.”  

Senior Christina Chan said, “My academic New Year’s resolution is to not do my schoolwork last minute, but plan accordingly and space out the work.”

Staff members also shared similar goals. Science teacher Sarah Loew said her academic resolution is to “manage my time more effectively. I want to procrastinate on my work less so that I would have more time doing things I like.”

Students also expressed their desire to maintain their mental health with healthy coping mechanisms. Senior Scarlet Perez, “My New Year’s resolution is not stressing so much over schoolwork and setting a strict sleeping schedule because I’m tired of being tired all the time.” 

Senior Loveleen Kaur said that she aims to be in “the best mood possible during school because we [the seniors] have a limited time in the building, and I want to just enjoy the rest of my senior year without any worries.” Senior Ariana Balanta expressed her desire to make time to work on her college applications and regular coursework in order to “graduate and get into a good college.” 

Junior Sara Lukacevic’s goal is “to maintain my current academic standing, but prioritize my mental health by not stressing so much over my grades and putting more time towards sleep rather than over-studying and overworking myself.”

Some teachers have resolutions centered around their students. Science teacher Valeria Jacobs said that she wants “to build on the work and conversations that my classes have been doing. I see that my students bring in their own resources and have their own conversations, which I get very excited to see and intervene. I want to hold myself back and be more of an observer. I want to build on a strength that already exists.”

English teacher Ryan Dunbar’s resolution “is to have a successful rendition of the play Into the Woods and to work with [his] colleagues to inspire the whole school to come and see the amazing cast, crew, and play when it comes out.”