Club Spotlight: Glamour Gals sends off 2022 with their Winter Wishes campaign

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The Townsend Harris High School student-led club, Glamour Gals, ended the 2022 year with their traditional winter cheer through their annual “Winter Wishes” fundraiser. Students were able to buy carnations for friends, teachers, other faculty members, or to someone they secretly admire for $2. The event began on November 29 and flowers were distributed on Thursday, December 22 as a farewell before students left for winter recess. 

Glamour Gals is a nonprofit organization that enables volunteers in high schools and colleges nationwide to provide companionship and complementary manicures for elderly women to prevent senior isolation. 

President and senior Amelia Yang discussed what makes the club special. “[GlamourGals] has allowed me to interact with another generation of people who still have so much to give to the world. Bringing a smile to the seniors’ faces gives me so much happiness and proves that Glamour Gals is making a difference,” she said. 

The club plans to continue making a difference by taking the profits from Winter Wishes to fund future Glamour Gals’ trips to senior homes to ensure the best possible service to local seniors. 

Vice President and senior Kailiya Galvin, said that they planned to spend as much time as possible with seniors during the holiday season “to remind them that they have a dear friend that cares about them.” 

The phrase “dear friend” has special meaning for the Glamour Gals group. 

Prior to the pandemic, Glamour Gals high school and college volunteers had been providing complimentary beauty makeovers, companionship, and conversation for over 20 years, but that came to a halt as the cases of COVID-19 cases continued to rise. In order to provide support to seniors during this unprecedented time, GlamourGals launched their award-winning “My Dear Friend note-writing campaign.” 

Amelia said, “The campaign was another way to connect with [seniors] and let them know they are not forgotten. Although the pandemic has eased down, the campaign is still a great way to contact seniors. Now, we give makeovers and write cards to reach a larger range of elderly in multiple senior homes.” 

Glamour Gals also planned to host more holiday bonding events, such as upholding their new tradition of gingerbread-house making for club members. Senior Camila Zarama said she has enjoyed working with Glamour Gals club members during the holiday season, “Glamour Gals is a wonderful club,” she said.

Photo by Karen Lin