Phoenix hosts Open Mic event for writers and artists to share their work

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Throughout the school year, the members of the school’s literary publication, The Phoenix, work hard to create creative pieces in the form of paintings, photographs, poems, and stories. On February 10, the club showcased these creations and many others through an open forum event: Open Mic Night. 

The event gave participating students a chance to present stories, poetry, photographs, and other works of art.  Junior and Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Phoenix, Quinnlan Burke, said, “[The Phoenix] wanted to provide an open forum for students to showcase their creative liberty. We aimed to create a place with people that were supportive of all the work and that shared similar interests.” 

Junior Sudipa Sarker, who presented her own piece, said, “I was honored to present [my work] and made sure to speak briefly so that people could pay attention to the art piece itself.”

Junior and Co-Editor-in-Chief Ellison Daone said, “At events like these, I can really feel the passion in the room and how excited everybody is to share what they’ve been up to, and it’s really inspiring.” 

According to Ellison, turnout for the event was strong and the club was able to sell copies of their recent “zine,” a brief publication The Phoenix publishes during the school year. 

Ellison said, “reintroducing readings and more frequent events has opened up a new way to share what we’ve been up to as a club.”