Accepted students from class of 2027 attend Open House


Jocelyn Jao

Many Harrisites volunteered at the open house to introduce THHS to accepted students.

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This past Tuesday, the halls were transformed into a display of color and excitement as students, families, and faculty gathered at the annual Open House for accepted students. Unlike the fall Open House, which sees many more people attend, this event gives accepted students a closer look at the school’s courses, students, and environment before they choose to commit.

Volunteers for the event were stationed on each floor, either promoting an academic department or extracurricular. They spoke to families about the specific classes each department required of students, and about the numerous competitions, celebrations, and fundraising events that regularly occur at THHS.

“The Open House is where families who are accepted into the school ask questions to the people here. [It’s]is a nice idea, and incoming freshmen can explore the building and view the uniqueness of the school,” said librarian Arlene Laverde, who attended the event.

“[It’s] not just an event; it’s a window into the future. It’s a chance for students to take ownership of their education and for parents to see the limitless possibilities that lie ahead for their children,” said freshman Marco Valle-Rojas.

Other students like sophomore Deacon Chin said, “The Open House felt like we opened the doors of the school to a world of opportunity, where students can showcase their talents and potential, and families can witness the exuberant environment here at Townsend.”

During the course of the evening, parents and students attend a presentation in the auditorium, tour the various halls of the building, and speak with representatives.

Sophomore Daniel Matta said that the opportunity allowed the school to come together to celebrate student achievements and contributions. “Showcasing my talents and abilities to the next generation of Townsend students felt very rewarding as I could see the curiosity sparkle in their eyes,” he said. 

Junior Elias Filpo said, “I really felt that this Open House was a place where I could show our upcoming students all that I learned here. I feel like the [utilization]  of this event will become a platform for our students to shine and inspire the next generation of leaders and innovators.”

Photo by Katherine Lian