Senior Adam Hammond reflects on his high school baseball career


Caylin Chan

Senior Adam Hammond playing baseball.

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Adam Hammond, a senior on the Townsend Harris Varsity Baseball team has made significant contributions to the team as an outfielder. Although Adam has only been playing baseball for two years, the Townsend Harris Varsity Baseball team has been an important part of his high school career. Not only has Townsend Harris built his foundation as a baseball player, but the lessons learned when on the field have also taught him values off the field. 

With Adam being new to baseball at Townsend Harris, he said, “[I]  had to learn a whole new sport, and [I] had to adapt to constant changes.” However, learning a new sport taught Adam valuable lessons about being “determined and detail-oriented.” 

Townsend Harris’ Varsity Baseball coach Matt Lemanczyk said,  “[Adam is an] impactful player on the team,” referring to both Adam’s physical ability and mental skills. Coach Lemanczyk notes Adam’s flexibility, stating that it helps him with his defensive and offensive skills, which are crucial when playing baseball. Coach Lemanczyk also praises his batting ability, speed, and defensive skills. In addition, Adam is also said to have a calm demeanor” and a strong work ethic every day. 

Coach Lemanczyk admires Adam’s immense growth over the past two years. He notes that Adam gained confidence when at the plate, and has shown his ability to “make adjustments in all aspects of the game.” His newfound positive attitude and willingness to support his teammates have made him a respected member of the team. He has also been recognized for his leadership skills and his ability to motivate others. Coach Lemanczyk looks forward to “continuing to see him develop over the remainder of the season” and observing more “game-changing” contributions. 

Teammate Alfredo Centola acknowledges Adam as a great teammate who is “fun to be around.” Alfredo also noted Adam’s constant positive attitude and enthusiasm. Not only does Adam earn respect from his teammates because of his character, but also because of his skill. Alfredo discussed the immense trust he has in Adam as an outfielder. Alfredo said that “It’s good to know that he is out there in the field.”  

With only playing baseball for two years, he is still able to make many valuable contributions to the team. Adam believes that his most significant contributions are his ability to make the “easy outs” and make “as many difficult plays in the field as possible.”

Adam said he has grown to love baseball and hopes that he can play on a collegiate level. Although if that is not possible he will continue to play the sport that he loves just as a “side gig for fun.”