Underclassmen share their thoughts on their first AP Season

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Throughout the  AP season, many students at Townsend Harris cracked down on studying. For the sophomores, this was their first time taking an AP exam, while the freshmen did not take any and most juniors and seniors took  a wider range of exams.

All sophomores took the AP World History exam, while others took AP Computer Science Principles, AP Seminar, AP Physics 1, or AP Art History.

 Sophomore Shahina Zahir, who studied  by “watching a lot of videos online and reading from the textbooks,” said that she “[didn’t] feel confident” in taking the AP World History exam, despite her preparations. 

Sophomore Elijah Shivers said that he felt “prepared for the AP Seminar Exam because it’s exactly what our work in class is: identifying claims, theses, and counterarguments.” The similarities between class and the test make him, along with other AP Seminar students, feel quite prepared. 

Sophomores taking the AP World History and the AP Physics 1 exam sat for them  on the same day, with one exam in the morning and the next in the afternoon. However, sophomore Loise Arcega said she felt prepared for both because of her studying strategies, which include rewriting her notes from memory and taking old tests. 

Sophomore Sarah Yaguda, who e took a computer science exam, said that her course was merging “computer science and AP Computer Science Principles into one year as opposed to two, so [the class hasn’t]really been preparing for AP principles until last month. [However, even] considering that, I think I’m pretty well prepared.”

Despite nerves surrounding APs, there are many students who still felt quite prepared due to their own study habits and the guidance of their teachers. Emily Carson, a sophomore and AP Art History student, said she spent “two to three hours per day studying” leading up to her AP exam and felt prepared since she spent “this entire year since September preparing for them.”