Junior Carl Michael Quimba Go takes on key role for Boys Varsity Volleyball


Photo by Zara Islam

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Junior Carl Michael Quimba Go of the Townsend Harris Boys Varsity Volleyball team has proven to be an essential player to the team’s success. Carl has only been playing volleyball since the summer before freshman year, and even so, his teammates recognize the leadership role Carl takes on. On the THHS volleyball team, Carl plays libero, a position which focuses on defense and receiving the ball first.

Uniquely, Carl decided that volleyball was a fit for him after watching the manga series Haikyu!!. Carl also grew up surrounded by volleyball as one of his sisters and a few family friends were dedicated volleyball players. 

With three years on the team, he provides great defense as the team’s defensive specialist. His main goal is to keep the ball from hitting the floor, while receiving hits, serves, and more. When doing so, he ensures to give his team a fighting chance to return the ball and score. 

His teammate and sophomore Elijah Shivers, explained that Carl is not only a valued player, but he shows leadership when “he always tries to push us to be our best.” He continued, “When Carl is on the court, the team as a whole plays better, [as he is] constantly supporting us with our plays, and generally increasing our team morale.”

Referring to the mantra “you are a student-athlete, student first, athlete second,” Carl’s Calculus teacher Abid Choudhury shared his thoughts considering Carl’s efforts in class. “Carl is fantastic, he’s a great student and full of life,” he said. He noted that Carl is always eager to learn and participate in class discussions.

This attitude is similarly shown on the court as well. According to his teammate and sophomore Rodrigo Aquino, “Although he is not a captain he acts like one when we need it. Overall he is a great player to have on our team.”

Regarding Carl’s athletic career after high school, he’s not sure if he wants to stay committed to volleyball. “Setting aside all of the fun I have while playing volleyball for the school and being part of the team, there is a large amount of stress and mental exhaustion that comes with being part of a sports team,” he said. Keeping this in mind, if his passion for volleyball remains, Carl will consider applying to NYU, a D3 college located in the heart of our city, to continue playing. 

Reflecting on how much volleyball has helped him grow, Carl said, “It has made me part of a culture where I am constantly being held accountable for what I am doing at all times, keeping me in check for my actions and feelings.”