After Semores emerge victorious, overall directors reflect on S!NG 2024

The Semores, the winner of S!NG 2024, cheering at the end of their show.
The Semores, the winner of S!NG 2024, cheering at the end of their show.
Li Li
Introducing the S!NG 2024 overall directors
The Semores perform a key scene. (Ryan Chen)

S!NG season can be one of the most stressful times of year for students. There are endless rehearsals, countless minor tasks to complete before show time, and the pressure of competition.

Recently, S!NG 2024 came to an end and the Semores team secured the win, marking the first time that the class of 2024 was on the winning team.

Now with the competition behind them, the overall directors for each team shared their experiences throughout these past few months.

The Freshiors during their curtain call
Freshior directors talk challenges, successes of planning for S!NG

For the Freshiors overall directors, Katie Chan and Joshua Chung, the 2024 show marked their first experience working behind the scenes to create their part of the production. Both directors felt that their responsibilities were challenging to manage at times, but they were able to overcome these obstacles, viewing these experiences as a learning process.“I think the most challenging aspect of being an overall [director] was making sure [that] everything ran as smoothly as possible. Another challenge was creating our plot. [We] had so many ideas but very little time to expand on them,” Katie said. 

“It caused me a lot of stress, but everything worked out in the end.” She added that being a director taught her to “go with the flow” in situations out of her control.

Similarly, Joshua felt that this year’s theme “got [his] and Katie’s gears turning in [their] heads.”

Both directors also noted that their behind-the-scenes work was satisfying and worth the effort after they viewed their finished show. “Most of [my favorite memories] involve seeing an audience react to what I’ve created. It’s very satisfying to watch the crowd go wild over a fake proposal or a dramatic line,” Katie said. 

She also said that despite having to cut many of their ideas from the final script, she was “very happy with the final product.” 

The Freshiors during their curtain call (Ryan Chen)
The Freshiors in the midst of their performance.

 Joshua and Katie said that they were grateful for their fellow directors and the members of each subteam.

“They put so much work and effort into this that without anyone there, we wouldn’t have had this amazing show,” Joshua said. Katie agreed and said, “[as] with any production, there were a few rough patches. But thanks to our wonderful Freshiors team, we pulled through.”

Likewise, the directors for each subteam felt the same pride and gratitude toward their overall directors, each complimenting how well Katie and Joshua handled their difficult roles.

“I’m really proud of everybody, [and] I think that Katie and Joshua did amazing for their first year”, said backstage director and junior, Zuzia Smolaga.

“Our overall [directors] were amazing, [and] they communicated with us very well”, dance director and junior, Emma Lee adds.

Band director and junior Ava Pusing offered some constructive criticism: “Although [the show] may have looked finished, there were still a lot of things to improve on, not just as a show but also department-wise. There’s always room for improvement.”

The Freshiors in the midst of their performance. (Ryan Chen)
Livestream published by Classic TV (Ryan Young)
Friday Night Livestream

Watch the full performance from Friday Night’s Classic TV Livestream.

The Semores during a key dance.
With a victory, Semore directors save the class of 2024 from the dreaded

For the opposing team, the Semores’ overall directors were seniors Franxalier Causapin, Mikolas Taveras, and Rachel Chan. The Semore team had also endured their own set of challenges, and a great deal of pressure. If they lost, the Class of 2024 would have been on the losing team all four years of their high school careers, but they ultimately avoided that fate under the guidance of Franxalier, Mikolas, and Rachel. 

Franxalier, double director for both the overall and the vocal departments, said, “It’s really fun and stressful at the same time. [Both] the acting and vocal departments are a huge responsibility on my end, so it does, of course, require a lot of time and commitment.” 

“I think [that] I have gotten closer to everybody within every department and it made me [really] appreciate the S!NG community even more,” Franxalier said.

Likewise, Mikolas said, “It’s been a positive experience for me in terms of leadership…these past few months have been just a great way to make amazing memories with people who love S!NG so much.”

The Semores during a key dance. (Ryan Chen)
The Semore curtain call

As overall directors, the seniors’ time in S!NG brought them memorable lessons and experiences. As they draw the curtains to a close, they also share advice for next year’s overall directors of S!NG.  

Sophomores Heidy Estrada, Nicolette Cuzzo, and Natalia Piekarski are the upcoming Semores team overall directors for S!NG 2025. 

Natalia said, “This year’s S!NG season was very fun and I am [really] excited for next year because I will [by] then have a huge role in the production. I am scared to be an overall director but the seniors reassured me that everything will work out in the end.”

“I feel like this season was a bit more stressful than last year’s because we all really wanted to win. I was proud of the show that we created. For next year, I want to provide a show that everybody will love and express myself creatively with my co-directors as well,” Heidy said. 

As for advice, Mikolas said, “Try to be resourceful and strive to achieve at your best level. There are a lot of limitations with S!NG and you can hope that a lot will work out but sometimes it just won’t.”

Franxalier said, “ It’s always important to notify your other directors because miscommunication can always take place. There will be disagreements that can happen with your co-directors, but it’s important to be straightforward.”

The Semore curtain call (Ryan Chen)
Livestream published by Classic TV (Ryan Young)
Saturday Night Livestream

Watch the full performance from Saturday Night’s Classic TV Livestream

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