Mid-season tracking continues

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On October 2, the Lady Hawks competed in the second Grand Prix meet at Cunningham Park.

It was a surprisingly hot day, with a high of eighty-four degrees. The girls ran the course, which featured a large stretch of grass, a forest, and a number of hills.

In the freshman 1.5 mile event, Brianna Manginelli placed third and was closely followed by Sasha Balkaran, who placed fourth. Both girls ran the course in twelve minutes, their times separated by just a few seconds. Noreen Mohsin, Katherine Chan, Joey Lin, Maressa Cumbermack, and Dulce Cervantes also ran and finished in the top twenty.

“Personally, I don’t think I performed my best, because I know I could have sprinted towards the end,” said Katherine, who finished twelfth. “My time last week was eight seconds faster. It shows me that I need to work on my endurance more.”

Sophomore Joanna Huo led the girls across the finish line in the varsity 5k event. She completed the course in twenty-five minutes and placed seventh. Sophomore Nethya Sea was the next girl from THHS to finish. Running the course in twenty-six minutes, she placed twentieth.

Several of the girls were still battling colds and injuries, causing Katherine to think that the team “wasn’t running their best.” However, they intend to recover and continue to progress since championship season is fast approaching.