The Turtles sweep the competition

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The Townsend Turtles won their first swim meet of the season against Queens High School for Science and followed up with a second win against Bayside High School.

The girls are determined to keep working hard to maintain an undefeated season.

On September 30, the girls swim team faced Queens High School for Science at the Richmond Hill High School Pool. The Turtles swept the competition by placing first, second and third in the 200 yard Medley Relay, the 200 yard freestyle, the 200 yard individual medley, the 50 yard freestyle, the 100 yard butterfly, the 100 yard freestyle, the 500 yard freestyle, the 200 yard freestyle relay, the 100 yard backstroke, the 100 yard breaststroke, and the 400 yard freestyle relay. The Turtles placed first overall with a score of 50-44, which lead them to their first victory of the season.

THHS also won their second meet against Bayside High School at the Franklin K. Lane High School Pool on October 1, giving them two consecutive wins in two consecutive days.

Although Bayside was a tough team to beat and are rivals of the Townsend Turtles, the girls continue to stay ahead of the game without a single loss against Bayside High School in the past three years. It was, however, much harder for the girls to win this competition than the previous competition considering both teams were tied in many events, but everyone was able to pull it together for the relays. The Turtles took advantage and won the competition against Bayside High School with a final score of 50 to 43.

The Townsend Harris Turtles plan to work harder in order to earn the title of an undefeated swim team. Senior Sammi Kwok says, “We always have our doubts before any meet, the same way a Harrisite would feel paranoid before an exam. It’s [also] still too early to be able to say ‘undefeated’ but an early winning streak always sets the right vibe among the girls. We definitely can’t slack off yet though, [considering]  this season will be a challenging one”.

Even if this season proves to be a tough and challenging one, the girls feel prepared. Junior Gabrielle Gozdyra said, “We put a lot into our practices, and it really shows through our consecutive wins. Our team morale is really high, and we all get along well, so it’s great knowing that no matter what happens you will always be supported.”