28 Match winning streak comes to an end

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October 11, 2013 marks the first regular season loss for the Girls’ Varsity Bowling since November 3, 2010.  Thomas Edison was able to win this close match by a score of two games to one, ironically it was Edison who handed the last Hawks loss in 2010.

The first match, Game A, was a no-contest, with the Lady Hawks’ “A” team beating the Lady Inventors, 463-396.  The team of Ellen Huynh, Jamie Pfeiffer, Michelle Schweiger, and Morgan Wu proved why they’re the Townsend’s best by dominating with each bowler posting a score of one hundred pins or higher.

Game B was lost by a narrow margin of 30 pins.  Despite the loss, Senior Rebecca Lee had a break-out game, bowling the highest score of the game and earning herself a spot in the deciding Game C.

Townsend’s team for the final game was as followed: Ellen Huynh, Jamie Pfeiffer, Morgan Wu, and Rebecca Lee.  They all bowled great games, but in the end, Edison prevailed by four points.

The team was able to take the loss well and had high praise for the Edison team. “It wasn’t bad losing to them because they are a great bunch of girls with great sportsmanship,” said Senior Jamie Pfeiffer.

Jamie wasn’t the only one to notice the  sportsmanship of the other team.  “It wasn’t as bad because Edison’s team is filled with nice people and their anchor for the A [team] is nice,” said Senior Mahwish Waseem,  “They didn’t brag.”

The team seemed to be content with losing to a gracious team.  The last time these Harrisites lost a game it was to Tottenville, a team known for bragging and their excessive celebrations.

It was definitely a heart-breaking loss for Townsend Harris’s finest, but they know that they can bounce back.  “It was sad to have our first loss but I know we can still stay on top the rest of the season,” said Jamie.