Who complains when Christmas comes early?

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Santa takes on Turkey Day. Illustration by Nadia Ali.

Right about now, just days before Christmas, everyone is blissfully anticipating the start of the long-awaited break. Yet, before all these happy smiles found their place, many walked around with frowns, grumbling and complaining about the early start of the holidays. They wondered whether everyone decided to completely skip Thanksgiving this year and jump straight to Christmas. The root of the problem, for those people, seemed to be the Christmas music.

Christmas music starts streaming out of radios, and you hear about Rudolph and Frosty before the turkey is even in the oven. It seems that Santa’s coming to town a little too early. But who’s complaining? After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Yet many still argue that it’s “not fair” or it’s “too early” to bring out the Christmas spirit when Thanksgiving didn’t even get a chance to make a lasting impression. Well, who said they were competing, and who said Thanksgiving would win? What’s so wrong about enjoying the music if it brings a smile to your face and adds a hop to your step?

The truth is that this country is made up of immigrants who just might not celebrate Thanksgiving. Some jump over the holiday and start preparing for the next one in line, which just happens to be Christmas for a percentage of them. The music does no harm. Why make such a big deal about it?

Of course, for some families Thanksgiving is about the turkey, family, and everyone coming together. It’s about kids coming home from college and about the football game after dinner. But that’s only for some families. Others don’t celebrate, don’t care, or don’t want to partake in something that’s not part of their culture.

To many people, Thanksgiving is nothing more than a kick-off party for the holiday season. Isn’t the whole point of Black Friday to buy gifts for people for Christmas? Doesn’t the four day weekend beg for people to put up their tree and decorations? No one can complain that Christmas music is taking away from the holiday, when Thanksgiving has been a means to advertise Christmas for quite some time.

For some, Christmas music brings happiness to those that don’t find it in filling themselves with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and pumpkin pie. It’s for those that want to feel the childish excitement of knowing that the tree will be decorated soon and twinkling lights will illuminate all the windows. The music is a sign that life is good and everyone will be happy and giving. If you have a problem with the music, then don’t listen to it. As a matter of fact, remember to steer clear of the TV too, because you might not want to watch a Christmas commercial until after Thanksgiving either.