Junior varsity volleyball season opener against Bayside

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Art by Parina Kaewkrajang.
Art by Parina Kaewkrajang.

Townsend Harris’s very own JV Volleyball team started their season off strong, defeating Bayside High School in their first game of the season. Winning their first two sets, the girls showed up with their eyes on the prize, bringing their best to the court.

With a big lead throughout, Townsend Harris was able to win the first set 25-9. Sophomores Ester Kim and Gabrielle Avancena were both major assets in leading the girls to victory. Gabrielle ended the match with a combined total of 10 service points and aces and Ester with about 5 service points and 2 kills.

In the second set, Bayside was able to execute some sort of a comeback but still was no match for THHS. The second and final set ended with a 6 points lead 25-19 THHS.

Throughout the game THHS was able to deliver many hard serves, which Bayside was frequently unable to dig. There were plenty of star players at this games, such as sophomore Kellie Zestankis and Eriselda Cuni, both nailing plenty of powerful kills and serves in the first set. Eriselda had about 2 kills in the first set and about 10 service points in total, and Kellie had more than 6 kills.

According to JV coach Penelope Lymberatos the girls team work was truly at its best and it definitely showed out on the court. Although it was their first game, the JV girls were able to push their nerves to the side, resulting in a successful win.  Eriselda states, “ I think we actually became a team today. We were a little worried since it was our first game and all, but once we entered the court we went after every single ball, we tried hard and won.”

Townsend Harris High School’s JV Girls Volleyball team is now ranked first in their division along with Francis Lewis High School.