The Founder’s Day question

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The seniors perform their skit. Photo by Daphne Zhu

Students and faculty put their heads together to prepare for the 29th annual Founder’s Day that was held on October 25. Though many consider Founder’s Day to be mainly a freshmen initiation to the community, this year’s seniors feel that it is more of a send off for the graduating class and prepared accordingly.

“As a senior, I feel like it’s our time to show who’s boss in the school. It’s our time to shine,” said senior Amanda Dookeeram.

The seniors hoped that the senior skit would stake their claim to the Founder’s Day spotlight. Seniors Anna St. Clair and Nathaniel Cheng directed this year’s skit. Their script aimed to emphasize the changes that occurred within the senior class’s own high school career. Throughout their four years at Townsend Harris, the seniors got the chance to meet many teachers who joined and departed the school staff. In addition, they also experienced the transition of new principals: from former Principal Kenneth Bonamo to current principal Anthony Barbetta.

The freshmen are new to the Founder’s Day tradition and hold different opinions from the seniors.

Freshman Alex Chen said, “It’s an important day for us. It’s key in developing Townsend Harris life.”

Principal Barbetta weighed in on the question as well, saying, “It is a day for the freshmen, but it is also a day for the whole school community.”

Mr. Barbetta added that since this will be the seniors’ fourth and final Founder’s Day, he recognizes the important role that the skit plays for them. However, he maintained that the day is primarily a yearly reminder of what the school is truly about.

Founder’s Day is a day of tribute to the establishment of the school, named after Townsend Harris, as it celebrates and acknowledges the years of the school’s existence. This day brings an end to spirit week and its festivities.