Freshman/Sophomore Cross Country earns trophy at City Championship

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On November 2, the Freshman Sophomore Cross Country City Championship was held at Van Cortlandt Park. It was a sunny, warm Saturday afternoon, but became cloudy and rainy at the end of the meet, but the girls cross country team remained in good spirits throughout the whole race, and ending the meet with much joy and celebration.

Before the freshman 1.5 mile race, freshman Noreen Mohsin admitted, “ I’m a little nervous.” Despite her nervousness, she obtained 21st place, with a time of 11:43. Brianna Manginelli acquired 32nd place with 12:05 as her time. Both of them won medals. Freshman Katherine Chan required medical attention after admitting that the pain from the ankle splint she had for several weeks wasn’t going away. However, she earned 57th place with a time of 12:34.

After the boys sophomore race, the girls sophomore 2.5 mile race began next. Yasmeen Ally was the 10th place finisher, and beat her previous year’s time for this race at Van Cortlandt Park by 1:18 seconds, with a new time of 18:28. Following Yasmeen was Hailey Lam, who made 15th place with 18:45 as her time. Zion Kim ran a steady race despite a shin splint, obtaining a time of 23:28. “I would have sprinted to the end, but my injury felt like needles through my skin!” she exclaimed.

The girls cross country team ended with the freshmen team earning 5th place overall, while the sophomore team earned 3rd place, which came with a trophy.

Older track members watched the race to show support; these members include senior captain Stephanie Loo and juniors Nina Leeds and Rythika Francis. They brought posters which contained encouraging, motivational words for the girls team and Nina brought cupcakes as well. Yasmeen was really grateful for “the support from all the girls.”

The last meet will be at Van Cortlandt next Saturday.