Boys bowling sweeps Francis Lewis

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Art by Parina Kaewkrajang.
Art by Parina Kaewkrajang.

On Monday, November 4, the boys bowling team faced off against Francis Lewis High School at Jib Lanes. With a final score of 3-0, the Hawks won against Francis Lewis’ bowlers.

The starting lineup for Team A of the Hawks comprised of sophomore Brian Bayalon, junior Caleb Hong, senior captain Daniel Wuest, and senior John O’Neill. Team B consisted of freshman Bernard Silverstein, junior Christopher E, junior Daniel Sarabia, and freshman Kennis Kong. From the start, both Team A and Team B were off to good starts. The players remained determined to triumph over their opponent team.

Caleb of Team A bowled 155 by the end of the game, and Daniel attained a 141 as his final score. Although Francis Lewis bowled consistently, they were unable to take a lead. THHS ended up winning Game A with a large gap in scores.

Team B also did very well in their own match. Freshman Kennis Kong bowled a 121 as his final score, the highest on the team. Both Daniel and Bernard finished the tenth frame with 108 points. Team B was finally able to receive their first win of the season, and fulfill their longtime wish.

The team took much pride in their third win of the season. Bernard of Team B stated, “I felt that Team B played well. We accomplished two big achievements. The fact that all the players on Team B scored over 100 makes me proud as well.”