For and against: President’s healthcare system a complete failure

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Let’s face it: the idea of a universal healthcare system for all of America is rash. We have over 300 million people, and 50 million of them are uninsured. Will Obamacare really help the country, or will it simply harm us further? Given how it’s started out, Obamacare clearly doesn’t value the medical principle “do no harm.”

When selling his signature legislation, President Obama repeated a key phrase many times: “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan.”

Such is not the case for over 2 million Americans who received letters about cancellations of their current plans in exchange for a “better plan.” Under Obamacare, all plans must meet certain, stringent guidelines to be legal. For example, all plans for women must include hospitalization, blood tests, and maternity and pediatric care, regardless of whether you’re 25 with kids or 59 with no kids.  Obamacare is forcing whole policies to be cancelled, and people are paying more money for services of no use to them.

This all might have been bearable had the rollout of Obamacare been smooth. It has been nothing short of terrible.

How does President Obama expect 48 million people to be able to sign up in just five months, when the website works as poorly as Internet Explorer works for modern websites? In Massachusetts, the rollout of Romneycare went smoothly because people were not given a specific deadline; rather, they gradually signed up for health care plans, and now 97% of all residents in Massachusetts have insurance. The U.S. is not ready for this rollout and it should be postponed to a later date, if at all, in order for people to become accustomed to such a change.