Harrisite qualifies for global Moot Court competition

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Adrienne Lee (1) pc FranSenior Adrienne Lee has been selected to participate in the second International Moot Court at the Hague in the Netherlands. She is among sixteen New York high school students chosen to compete against fifteen other teams from around the world.

Adrienne was a student of Social Studies teacher Linda Steinmann in her law classes. She and Assistant Principal of Humanities Rafal Olechowski recognized Adrienne’s outstanding work ethic and suggested that she try out for the team.

Adrienne went through several interviews with attorneys before qualifying for the competition. She familiarized herself with both sides of an assigned case, taking the side of the prosecution. The case is about using slavery to mine blood diamonds, and Adrienne has been getting weekly training from a law firm.

Eventually, two finalists will win based on how they prepared their arguments.  Dr. Steinmann believes that Adrienne is well-qualified.

“You have to have a very good attitude for this because a lot of people would give up and say ‘I can’t do it,’ but Adrienne has got a great attitude so I think she’s going to be great,”  she said.

Adrienne hopes this experience will contribute to her dream of pursuing a career in law.

“Although participating in this competition doesn’t exactly train me to become a lawyer, I’m being exposed to so many real experiences that I otherwise wouldn’t have had,” Adrienne remarked.

Adrienne is grateful to be able to participate in International Moot Court, saying, “I really want to thank Dr. Steinmann and Mr. Olechowski for first giving me the opportunity to be a part of this competition, for encouraging me to take a chance and try out without too much pressure.”