Senior Zayed Haq has photography displayed in Caroline Kennedy’s office

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Senior Zayed Haq’s 35 millimeter black and white photograph, titled “92nd,” is now amongst the other art exhibits in the office of Caroline Kennedy, the United States Ambassador to Japan.

Through an organization known as P.S Art, an art organization within the New York City Department of Education’s Office of Art, 85 creative works of art were selected to be showcased in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Out of 800 entries, each work contained a unique aspect which captured the attention of the judging panel. Art teacher Margherita Wischerth, said, “The works were chosen based upon the artistic creativity that they possessed. The works must have been completed in a classroom setting, no outside submissions were accepted.”

Caroline Kennedy, the true force behind PS Art, was appointed as the United States Ambassador to Japan. “Caroline hopes to bring at least ten works of art by New York City students to her new offices, and it seems most appropriate that this work come from our current PS Art exhibition,” Ms. Wischerth said. “Each piece will be displayed with the artist’s name and school, representing our nation’s young people and their great artistic talents.” The winners have their works showcased from May until August. As for the history of this honor, the only other Townsend Harris alumnus to earn it was Sidney Petushi.

The shot is of an elevated subway track, a common scene in New York City. Zayed described, “It’s about just appreciating your everyday surroundings. We walk so fast and so quickly just to get home, to school, or to work.” His inspiration derived from the bustling commuters that run the streets of the city. Through his work, he advised, “We need to slow down sometimes and just take a breath and look at what’s around us.” Appropriately, he also added, “Maybe, it’s because we’re New Yorkers,” calling upon the reputation that the city’s citizens have earned.

Ms. Wischerth also addressed the issue of negligence toward the art curriculum in schools. With such an emphasis placed on the core disciplines, the arts in general are often neglected, if considered at all. Ms. Wischerth felt that despite art being an elective choice, it provides great incentives. She said, “Art is the nuance of visuality, something that is difficult to gain from other subjects.