Girls handball bounces back

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On April 24, the girls handball team played Grover Cleveland at Pomonok Playground. After losing their game on the previous day, the girls won the match 3-2, with victories in the third singles and first and second doubles matches and loses in the first and second singles matches.

Senior Carie Chen competed in the first singles match, which was a close game. The final score was 21-20 in favor of Cleveland. Carie acknowledged the skill of her opponent, Cleveland’s Angelica Troche, and remained positive even though she lost.

She said, “Going into the game, I knew it was going to be tough because I had played Angie before, losing 17-21. She is a great player and one of my own goals was to be able to play to the best of my abilities and try to win. Losing the previous day really shattered my confidence, but I still gave this game 110%. I made many mistakes that I could have avoided, but I know that I poured my heart into that game, and although I did lose, I enjoyed it and I know that I played the best I possibly could have played.”

Senior Helen Lin was very proud of Carie despite the loss saying, “The first singles match was the key match of yesterday’s game. Both our team’s first single, Carie, and the opposing team’s first single played a really great match. It was hard to tell who would win because both of them played their best. I guess I can say that her match was the most hard played game.”

Junior Janine Lim competed in the second singles match. She, like Carie, lost the match. The final score was 21-19. Helen competed in the third singles match and won 21-13.

“I think yesterdays game helped me bring my confidence level up after a loss and according to my coach, my performance yesterday was the best so far in the season,” said Helen, “I think that yesterday’s game showed my improvement on the mind game in handball.”

Seniors Lina Chen and Alecia Chen won the first doubles match, 21-8. Lina was pleased with the duo’s performance in the match. She said, “It definitely strengthened our teamwork.” The THHS team also won the second doubles match. Seniors Karen Lui and Hetince Zhao beat their opponents by twenty points. The final score was 21-1.

Karen reflected on the entire game, saying, “While we all have our on and off days, one of the most important things in playing the game is staying focused. Though we didn’t win all our matches, I think overall everyone did very well in concentrating and not letting the nervousness get to their heads.”

Many members of the team agreed, including Carie, who said, “Coming off from a loss from the previous day, the team definitely had a lower confidence level coming into yesterday’s game. Instead of letting the loss rattle us, we really played our hearts out and played the best we possibly could have. Yesterday, I saw so many great games and everyone definitely gave it 110%. If anything, each one of the girls can improve on their confidence and mindset, myself included. There are some games where some of the girls go in and think, ‘Oh, I’m going to lose today.’ You should never go into a game thinking, ‘I’m going to lose today’, because if you do, you will. Anyone can win any game if they put their heart into the game.”

Helen added, “Our team goal is division champs so we are all striving to win the next few matches. I also expect our team to play their hardest regardless of whether they are a starter or a sub because trying hard will help everyone improve their game.”