Softball crushes Maspeth

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On April 10, the THHS girls varsity softball team faced off against Maspeth High School. In five innings, THHS defeated Maspeth High School 10-0.

Coming off a 3-1 loss to Metropolitan Campus High School on March 27, the team went in with the expectation of coming out with a win. Junior Nicole Gleizer said, “We walked into the game expecting a win but we weren’t overconfident. We know that every game is a different game even if we already played the team.”  The team’s humble approach proved essential to winning the the game.

The team played the game without three of their starting players. Despite this setback, the team opened the game big, scoring four points in the first inning. Senior pitcher and captain Bianca Dilan proceeded to easily strike out three batters. The team continued strong throughout the game, scoring two runs in the remaining innings except for the fourth, where both teams were left scoreless. Bianca had an outstanding performance as she only allowed for one hit and one walk. Both the hit and the walk failed to garner the Maspeth High School any points. By the end of the fifth inning, Townsend Harris invoked the mercy rule to end the game with a final score of 10-0.

Reflecting on the game, senior Nicole Tan said, “Knowing we could overcome setbacks shows how strong [the team has] become and it motivates [the team] to play even better in the games ahead.”