New SU Board elected

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On April 30, the THHS community once again elected its Student Union Board members for the 2014-2015 school year.  Juniors Karen Su and Harry  Petsios were elected as President and Vice President, respectively.  Chosen to lead each grade were junior Nina Leeds as Senior Class President, sophomore Sherin Shibu as Junior Class President, and freshman Alex Chen as Sophmen Class President. The remaining cabinet positions will be filled by junior Zachariah Ooi as Secretary, freshman Muhamed Bicic as Treasurer, junior Hannah Jang as Club Liaison, junior Yash Sharma as Public Relations, and sophomore Eriselda Cuni as Junior SLT. The positions of SU president, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer all ran unopposed for their positions.

As SU president, Karen’s  main goal is “providing more opportunities for students to live by our Ephebic Oath.”

She plans to do so by conducting both a school-wide day of service and a service fair. The service fair would be conducted like the club fair, and expose students to volunteer opportunities they may be interested in pursuing over the summer. Karen is serving as Club Liaison this school year.

Harry, who ran unopposed and is serving as treasurer on the Executive Board for two years prior to his newly elected position, had a platform that largely focused on making sure Harrisites and their voices were well represented in the SU.

He said: “I want to address the remarks that Harrisites give me; I want to make their high school experience more enjoyable. With regards to specifics, I want to expand the responsibilities of several SU offices and introduce several SU policy reforms.”

Nina, who has been the sophmen and is currently the junior class president, vowed to make sure to bring up topics from the grade and school at large to higher administration members and “will hopefully be able to help better the school.”

Hannah, previously the SU Borough Student Advisory Committee Representative, will be serving as Club Liaison. Her main goals are to simplify the process of earning volunteer hours and starting a club.

In addition to implementing more fundraisers to add a  “few luxurious touches” to Junior Banquet, in terms of listening to students, Sherin will make sure that “no cry goes unheeded.”

Sherin is serving as Sophmen class president this school year.

“I want to make sure that their junior year is the best it can possibly be and if that means a few more sleepless nights than usual, let it be so,” she added.

Eriselda chose her position because she wanted to help bring students’ opinions to not only teachers but to parents and the principal.

“When I came to this school I became interested in helping to create school events, and I started to get interested in leadership roles,” she explained.

While Eriselda did not reveal any future plans, she promises to stand not leave her school any less but rather greater than she has found it.