Promposals take over

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The result of a successful promposal.
The result of a successful promposal.

There are only a few things on seniors’ minds right now: the end of the Humanities seminar, what show they are going to binge-watch on Netflix, and prom. It is safe to say that every girl dreams of a magical prom night with a stunning dress and of course, an even better looking date. The magic doesn’t begin the night of prom, but months before when the elaborate and creative string of promposals begin. Prom may be important, but the way you ask someone can be equally, if not more, important.

Promposing is a fad in which one comes up with a creative and innovative way to ask someone to prom. A compound word composed of “prom” and “proposal,” promposals are a new way for a guy or girl to finally get through to that special someone. The name is not only original, but each person must do his or her best to keep their ideas imaginative and well-planned. Some of the most common promposals are comprised of videos, music, baked goods, and lots of posters.

The creative process can take anywhere from minutes to weeks, but no good promposal goes unplanned.

Senior Edward Lu reflects, “Planning was pretty tough. I had to do something cute and not too clichéd. I already knew I was gonna do something involving singing, but I didn’t know whether to use a guitar or use a song that was already out there or write my own.”

In the end, Edward ended up writing his own song and promposing during his date’s Spanish class, and it was indeed successful.

Senior Nathaniel Cheng made one of the first public promposals this year. According to Nathaniel, “The planning took forever. It was like an hour after school to film the entire video with several takes. It was weird to come up with a cute idea.”

After all this planning, confidence becomes the main component of promposals. There is always that possibility in the back of one’s mind of getting turned down.

“You can’t be nervous.” senior Joshua Merai said, “You have to have confidence in her saying yes. That’s why you have to drop hints before you prompose or else you’ll look stupid if she says no.”

Many of the promposals witnessed this year involved much more than one person in order for things to go smoothly. Collaborative efforts among friends and creative minds came together to make each promposal one to remember.

Senior Joel Mampilly recalled, “Planning was fun, because the majority of the guys were also planning, so it was a great collective working together.”

Nathaniel said, “I had four other friends help carry in the signs and posters and cake and stuff. I had another 20 people help me film my video and edit it. The planning was incredible. I had to get five of my friends over to make about 18 posters and color them in; they stayed for like five hours.”

Senior Aditya Samaroo served as a frequent promposal helper by using his video and editing skills to generate great memories.

Aditya noted, “When the promposal goes well, you yourself feel good on the inside that you were a part of this and were able to make their wish a reality.”

Many seniors were pleasantly surprised by their dates’ efforts to win their hearts.

Senior Diana Itzhaki was asked to prom by senior Daniel Yacar with a double-layer red velvet cake and homemade cream cheese frosting.

Even those who are not being promposed to have been sharing in the joy of the festivities. Senior Caitlin Ortiz reflects, “It’s nice to see what people come up with.”

Underclassmen, take notes! A promposal for the perfect person requires much more than one would expect.