Girls handball had a ball this season

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This spring season, the girls handball team reached new heights. Though they ended their season on May 15 with a playoff loss against Forest Hills High School, a school they had defeated twice in the regular season, the team managed to do this season what they had not done in at least four years: earn the title of Queens division champs. Returning upperclassmen, seniors Carie Chen, Helen Lin, Alecia Chen, Lina Chen, Karen Lui, and Hetince Zhao led the team this year.

Co-captain Carie felt that this year they had an edge over teams. She explained, “Most of our starters returned to the team. We also received a group of very dedicated freshmen, who not only came out to the courts daily to practice, but also encouraged and support their teammates throughout every game. The amount of support and teamwork displayed in our team is far greater than last season.”

As for their most difficult opponents this season, co-captain Helen Lin and junior Janine Lim both agree that John Bowne gave them the most trouble. Helen said, “The singles players were different from the players we were used to playing. The girl I played had low serves and I don’t usually practice with low serves.”

During the playoff match, the Forest Hills handball team unexpectedly turned the tide by beating THHS, 21-20. However, team manager and junior Alice Wang noted that their second singles player Janine suffered from allergies and the cold that day. It was a heartbreaking conclusion to their successful season, and many people cried for their senior teammates, who had now played their last game of their high school careers. Sophomore Winnie Wang ended on a positive note, however: “We just lost a very close playoffs game with them, but the team spirit is still strong and we’re proud to win division champs.”

The players praise handball coach James Jordan for carrying them so far.

Janine stated, “He understands that all the players are different and use different techniques which help us play to our unique strengths. He knows that Townsend is academically challenging and accommodates our schedules well enough so that we have time to study but also have enough time on the court.”

Winnie also lauded him for being inspirational: “He not only guides the team and gives us pep talks, but also helps out the other team in exhibition games.”