SU distributes free ice cream

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I scream, you scream, the SU is giving free ice cream! This was the buzz going around school on Friday, May 30, when the Student Union Executive Board decided to give out free ice cream to the student body. In celebration of the end of AP’s, the SU was very happy to, as junior Treasurer Harry Petsios said, “give back to the student body that elected us.”

When asked about why the SU decided to give free ice cream, Harry said that the SU had a budget surplus and wanted to spend the money in ways that would benefit the school. Junior Class President Nina Leeds included that “[The SU board] wanted to have a treat for everyone at the end of the year and wanted to give students something that they enjoy: free ice cream on a hot day.”

This ice cream giveaway, which provided the school community with ice cream sandwiches and italian ices, was very popular among the student body; students flocked around the side entrance of the school right after band 9. As students finished their first servings, many returned for seconds. Following the event, the student body is best divided into those who think more highly of the SU afterwards and those who simply enjoyed the free ice cream.

Freshman Thomas Chu, after having enjoyed two ice cream sandwiches, stated his opinion very simply: “I loved it.”

In response to his feelings about the SU, he said, “I feel like the SU is trying a lot harder to please the masses, and it’s working because free ice cream makes people happy.”

Junior Aayush Beri also had a favorable opinion of the event.  Aayush enjoyed the giveaway, saying that it was not a bad way to spend extra funds. He also noted that it was a good way to improve school spirit.  

He further mentioned, “I thought it was a good way for the SU to give a year-end event and culminate all the work it had done over the course of the year,” adding that, “It’s events like these that exemplify the amicable nature of the SU Board and the entire student body.”

Similarly, junior Gaby Cintron has started to view the SU in a different light as a result of the event, saying, “It let me know that the SU is a lot more organized than I thought it was.”

She added, “I was afraid it was going to be madness, but it turned out to run really smoothly.”  Gaby found the giveaway to be a fun, innovative idea and remarked, “They should definitely do it again.”