GlamourGals foundation honors Harrisites

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Glamourgals Co-President senior Mijin Park and Rally Girl senior Crystal Harrilal are the first students from THHS to receive the Glammy Scholarship Awards. The Glammys, an awards ceremony held in New York, presented Mijin and Crystal with trophies and a $1000 scholarship recognizing their hard work and dedication to the club. They each accepted their honorable mentions at the podium, giving a speech to encourage their peers with their own volunteering story.

Each year, one Club President, one Co-President, and one Rally Girl receives a Glammy Scholarship Award. Members of the GG staff choose the winners based on essay applications representing the GlamourGals mission to connect and empower two generations of women.

For Mijin, serving the community has always held value in her life. As president, Mijin sought “to build a family within the club and work together [with her peers] to bring joy to the senior ladies.”

Crystal joined GlamourGals in an effort to break out of her shell. Being naturally reserved and soft-spoken, the club helped her realize that “deep down I am a leader and I do have a voice. I’ve come a long way since my start in the club and knowing what I do know, I want to push myself to be the best person that I can.”

Club Advisor and English teacher Raquel Chung believes the girls deserve the awards saying, “I am so proud of the leaders this year, both Mijin and Crystal. We doubled the number of visits and the number of active members, and we had our first school-wide GG Awareness Day and Bake Sale.”

Along with volunteering, Mijin and Crystal had the responsibility of promoting, arranging nursing home visits, and maintaining club harmony. Despite the stress from juggling multiple APs, the two devoted their time to make the differences recognized not only by Ms. Chung and the Glammy Awards committee, but by the club members themselves.

Sophomore Belinda Wong said, “From makeover planning, holding a fundraising bake sale, to the GlamourGals awareness day on April 1, the club would have crumbled without [Mijin and Crystal’s] dedication.”

The  initiative Mijin and Crystal took to get to know the members, ensuring that everyone could contribute ideas and organize events impressed freshman Samridhi Chauhan. “They deserve this award more than anyone due to their hard work and time they spend in not only making this club fun and enjoyable, but a way to give back to the community.”

Regardless of all recognition, Mijin and Crystal remain humble, stating they received more from GG than they gave. Mijin commented, “Not only is GG a gift for the elderly but it has also given me something big that cannot be given by anyone. The visits to senior homes despite the rain and snow have not only filled the emptiness in the elderly but have also filled the emptiness that for so long dwelled in me.”

In agreement Crystal adds, “One of the greatest feelings in the world comes when you serve a cause greater than yourself. I’ve had the privilege of giving back to my community and I can honestly say that feeling I get knowing I made someone happy, is better than anything materialistic.”