Where the wild prints are

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IF TOWNSEND Harris is a jungle, then we’ve  found where the wild things are. While January is no tropical paradise, THHS students are finding new ways to show off their wild side despite the frigid temperatures of New York. Fierce, and hopefully faux, animal prints in everything from cheetah to zebra are popping up everywhere. Seen on accessories and staple pieces alike, this ferocious trend is no longer feared as a “fashion don’t.”

Slip-on sneakers commonly feature the fun prints, specifically leopard, transforming old standbys to eye-catching pieces in your wardrobe. Infinity and rectangle scarves as well as shawls and pashminas are other accessories that can make an outfit go from plain to purr-fect. The print will do most of the talking, or should we say roaring, in your outfits, so our suggestion is to keep the rest of the outfit toned down. Remember: simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. A solid top, be it a chunky knit or basic tee, in a neutral hue topped with a pair of skinny denim jeans will do the trick. If you keep the top hue subdued, you’ll have more freedom with the denim – a light or dark wash, mildly distressed pair or even solid black or white can give your animal-print accessories a canvas on which to stand out. A solid pair of joggers or loosely fitted harem pants can also complete the look. When wearing printed scarves, you have some leeway with the footwear. A neutral moccasin or combat, ankle, or riding boot will be the perfect complement to this stylish ensemble.

Whether they’re on your feet as you prowl the hallways of THHS or around your neck as you brave the dropping temperatures, animal prints have been spotted everywhere lately. There’s no doubt that this roaring trend is a hit, and we’re not lion.