Food Court rivals World Mall

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NEW WORLD Mall has become one of the most popular hangout sites since it first opened several years ago. There’s no greater struggle than trying to find seats in the bustling food court. Luckily, the New York Food Court located on Roosevelt Avenue, provides an alternative to the one at New World Mall.

JB Crispy Pancake specializes in fried goods. The Jumbo Pork Chop comes with a large fried cutlet. The outer coating is crunchy and golden brown. The cut of meat is inferior, but still juicy and moist. The pork chop is too salty and lacks any other flavor. The House Special Pork Chop Pancake is cheaper and better. It contains a sunny-side up egg, fried pork cutlet, lettuce, and ranch sauce, all sandwiched between two Chinese-style pancakes, which are flakier and more delicate than traditional pancakes. The ranch sauce adds flavor to the crunchy pork chop, while the lettuce adds crispness to each bite. If you love fried foods, this is the perfect spot for you.

Incredibowl sells “dry” hot pot meals. They charge by the pound for meat or vegetables. When I was there, I ordered lettuce, bok choy, bean curd, enoki mushrooms, tofu, beef, fish, and chicken wings. I liked the crisp, fresh bok choy. The beef slices were juicy. The chicken wings were moist inside and well-seasoned. The fish was soft and tender. There was a hint of spiciness, but nothing too strong. This place is a great option if you are eating out with a group of friends.

Happy Lemon sells lemon and milk tea. I ordered the Fresh Lemon Honey Green Tea. The beverage was refreshing, had lots of lemon flavor, and green tea undertones. Ultimately, it was a let down. It was way too sweet, with spoonfuls of undissolved sugar at the bottom.

MangoMango specializes in making mango sweets. I ordered the Mango Platter, a sampler of popular dishes. The Mango Mochi was so-so, and  coconut shavings coating it dominated. The Mango Juice was sweet and refreshing. The Mango Ice Cream was creamy, delicate, and came with fruit jelly, which added an extra oomph.