Tune in to THHS TV

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Townsend Harris prides itself not only on its academics, but on its thriving extracurriculars. THHS’s TV Club relies on a variety of factors to distinguish it from the school’s host of clubs, primarily in the role it plays in appealing to those who aren’t involved with the club itself.

Up until now, the club has maintained an unassuming presence within the school; however, now in its second year the THHS TV Club is beginning to yield more exciting projects.

As sophomore Camila Realpe says, “Club members work to help each other with projects, whether it’s to help with camera work, editing, or to be an extra in the project…we even come in during our lunch bands. Some people go every day.”

The projects that the members of TV Club work on vary in type. Some projects are informative pieces such as documentaries, while others are comedic works meant to entertain THHS students. There projects aren’t strictly managed; Mr. Wood said that they work on “pretty much any idea that students have.”

According to sophomore Martin Charles, the club is working on their second episode of an ongoing television series. “There’s skits, a challenge, a short film, [and more].”

In the long run, Mr. Wood concluded, “The goal of the club is to create a regular TV show.”

With THHS TV club’s extensive video production and teamwork skills, the visions of the club, as well as any future ones, should prove exciting to the THHS student body.