Halloween Mixer debuts

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THIS YEAR,  in lieu of the traditional Senior Mixer, seniors will host a Halloween Mixer on October 30 in an effort to boost underclassmen attendance at the year’s only in-school social event. As in previous years, proceeds from the mixer will alleviate the cost of hefty senior dues.

The Halloween Mixer calls for attendees to come in costume, treat themselves to Halloween snacks, and have fun in a spooky atmosphere.

“In the past, they called it the ‘Senior Mixer’ and I think a lot of kids really got thrown off by that. Underclassmen, freshmen especially. Having a theme is always nice, and the fact that it falls on the day before Halloween is perfect,” Maria Assante, Senior Adviser, explained.

Senior Class President Lianna Rada added, “We changed the title with mostly the freshmen in mind. The title, ‘Senior Mixer’ might be interpreted as exclusive to seniors, but, with the new title, there’s no question that this is an event open to all students.”

This change has indeed bolstered interest, as more underclassmen have expressed a desire to attend the revamped mixer.

“Having the word Senior in there intimidated me,” said junior Christian Foronda. “‘Halloween Mixer’ sounds much more inviting.”

Ms. Assante said, “It’s a nice kick off to starting our fundraising and the whole purpose of fundraising for the senior class is to try to lower prom prices. I think everybody benefits and I think a lot of people are surprised that Townsend kids know how to have just as much fun as every other kid in the city.”