Sushi Tokyo offerings are on a roll

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A restaurant that manages to satisfy both sushi cravings and kosher needs, Sushi Tokyo is perfect for grabbing either a quick bite after school or sitting down and having a nice meal with friends. Only a few blocks away from Townsend Harris High School, this restaurant is a go-to for many students. More café-esque, the atmosphere is calm and casual. A color scheme of red, white, and grey is evident, making the space appear very organized and minimalistic.

One of the dishes we tried was the King of Maki Roll. The best of the six dishes, the King of Maki Roll is composed of raw tuna, mango, and topped with crunch; every flavor could be detected in a single bite. This roll is a must-try for those who are sushi beginners.

The only downside of this roll was that there were only five pieces, while all other plates had eight.

One of the few dishes without tuna or salmon, the Green Dragon Roll is perfect for those who don’t find raw fish appetizing. This roll is wrapped with slices of avocado and showered in a crunch. The mixture of smooth and crispy gives the roll a gorgeous contrasting texture that amplifies the rich avocado.

We saved the Paradise Roll, the most complexly crafted, for last.

Despite its aesthetic appeal, it failed to please us. Filled with fruits and cashews, this roll was more of a dessert made into sushi form.

While some might find the sweet taste pleasant, we thought that the strawberry sauce was overly artificial and the clashing tastes and textures were confusing. This roll demonstrates the valuable lesson that looks aren’t everything.

Overall, it is worth the money for a decent meal.