Halal cart rolls onto QC campus

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After a long day of rigorous classes, many students find themselves searching for food. Students who use the Queens College exit might find themselves tempted to satisfy that hunger with a chicken and lamb combo topped with white sauce from the halal cart now on campus.

The newly opened Shah’s halal cart is located between the science building and the library on the QC quad.

Though much closer than other halal carts around campus, there is a trade off: this one offers smaller portions and charges an extra dollar.

Many students agreed that the addition of the new cart was a smart way to get more revenue.

“I think the new halal cart was a good financial idea. The men working at the halal stand profit a lot through this location mostly because it’s perfectly placed between the most busiest buildings on the QC campus,” stated senior Olivia Krakowski.

“Not everyone has the time to walk down to Kissena,” junior Agnes Poplawski added.

Photo by Adam Sosnicki
Photo by Adam Sosnicki

Some students felt more inclined to purchase from the new cart due the the convenience.

Since seniors only have a limited amount of time between classes, the close-by option seems like a good choice to get food quickly during a free.

Senior Dina Goodger stated, “I would rather buy from the cart on campus because it’s much closer and one dollar isn’t a big deal for me personally.”

Other students feel that less food and an extra dollar is not worth the convenience.

Olivia explained, “I feel like it’s kind of a rip off. You can walk the extra 500 feet to the other halal cart for more food. I guess it depends on how lazy you are.”