Invention of the month: Samsung Gear VR

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The Samsung Gear VR is a new step forward in how we view the world around us. This new device is capable of putting its wearer into a different world. The Samsung Gear VR, set for release in November, is a virtual reality device created

It is the first virtual reality machine under $100 to hit the market whose production was made under consumer consideration. Virtual reality is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional environment that can be used in a seemingly realistic way. This is an especially practical tool for people training in the medical field. Virtual reality can also be used to treat psychological disorders, such as PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder.

Junior Jin Hua Li commented, “Technology is becoming more and more advanced today. I think the Samsung Gear VR will be an extremely useful, and in some ways efficient, tool because it requires nothing but a simulation.”

Developers are making a variety of apps specifically for the Samsung Gear VR, one of which is Netflix. Imagine being transported to the world of House of Cards, or perhaps into your favorite video game. Sophomore Devon Lall stated, “Virtual reality is a way of improving technology by bringing it closer to us.”

Senior David Zarowin explained, “[The Samsung Gear VR is] competing against Oculus Rift and Google cardboard. I think this is a whole new step for technology, and I am excited to see virtual reality hit the mass market.”

Virtual Reality works by showing images to you and changing those images as you move, thus putting you in a whole other world.

Devon added, “This allows us to perceive digital things within a 3D aspect, as if we are seeing it with our own eyes.”

Virtual reality is going to be the “next big thing.”