SING 2015


Photo by Faheema Syahbal

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After the Freshiors became the winners of SING! for the first time in years, there was a great deal of elation, shock, and grief. SING! 2015 proved to be just as big of a success as previous years, despite the difficult scheduling that caused a major overlap in school events. Premiering on November 20 and ending on November 21, the performances from both Freshiors and Semores astounded the audience members.

Freshman Deborah Kong “[initially] assumed it would be a random play, but realized the dancing and singing were actually really good.”

Jillissa Drayton, one of the Freshior directors, explained the motivation behind the Freshior triumph, stating, “It’s a lot more hours and dedication, and that’s what I really stressed to everyone in Freshior SING!. I told them that we need to make everyone in the audience believe that we are so much more than just a one hour performance.”

On the Semores’ performance, sophomore Yazmeen Razaq commented, “I felt like it was fun. Even though Semores lost, I think we did great.”

This year’s SING! prompt centered around Pixar characters who secretly rule the world while helping a friend deal with amnesia. Freshior and Semore plot lines were similar in several aspects, with both groups choosing The Incredibles and Monsters Inc. as their Pixar groups, making Boo (from Monsters Inc.) the friend with amnesia, and developing a relationship between Boo and Dash (from The Incredibles) .