Hunger Games Exhibit Review

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The franchise that made the girl on fire a universal phenomenon continued to live on in the exhibit at Discovery Times Square. Located just off Times Square, The Hunger Games: The Exhibition promised an enjoyable time for both dedicated fans and newcomers to the series alike.

Handheld devices were handed out to guests before the tour. Guests chose a character, such as Effie, Haymitch, and Cinna, to be their ally. The device played short audio clips narrating the different stages of the exhibit. The mockingjay symbol indicated scenes of the movies that are featured as you walked through the exhibit.

Diehard fans especially delighted in viewing the exact costumes that the actors wore; all of Effie’s exuberant outfits were just as eye catching on the movie screen as in person. Katniss’s red dress that symbolized her new persona, “The Girl on Fire,” was an even bigger hit.

Another fan favorite that was on display was the train ride. Newly chosen tributes Katniss and Peeta where Effie exclaims, “That is mahogany!”. While it was clear these are not the actual props used in the movie scene, it was a nice segway into the next exciting part, the chariot scene and the Capitol. There were plenty more outfits to view on display here including the wigs and suits of the host, Caesar Flickerman.

There was even a mock interview set up the same as all the tributes have to go through in the beginning. With a comically placed screen over a mannequin as Mr. Flickerman, one could have also captured a photo op with his actual face too.

Other features of the tour included creating your own propaganda video, a combination of pre selected clips from the Mockingjay movie and an addition of your own photo. There was also an opportunity to learn stunt moves from the movie’s stunt director which adds a physical element to the exhibit.

Amid news of the possibility of prequels of the franchise not related to Katniss’ story, it was a good way to not only brush up on knowledge of the Hunger Games universe but also reminisce the ending of an era. If nothing else, after spending a few hours in the exhibition any fan felt the desire to binge watch the movies once again and reread the chapters of the dystopian universe.