Sisters: The Guideline to Having A Good Time

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With a gallon of obscenity and heaps of humor, Sisters is the perfect concoction as two sisters venture to revive their glory days. The fiery on-screen connection between siblings Maura (Amy Poehler) and Kate (Tina Fey) can not go unnoticed as they strive to have one last hurrah before succumbing to the monster of old-age. Although this festive movie drags at certain points and includes a few forced instances, this chaotic, doesn’t-end-until-4am, party movie, breaks the tradition of teenage boys only being able to throw wild parties, while still keeping the audience doubled-over with laughter.

Walking into the theater, I had no idea who Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were, but as the actress appeared on the screen, clips of Saturday Night Live skits flooded from my memory. From then on, I knew that I would probably gain more abs from this movie than in any of Mr. Bermudez’ weight training class.

The movie opens with the younger responsible sister, Maura. Living as a divorced nurse in Atlanta, Georgia, Maura has always sacrificed her personal satisfaction and contentment. Choosing to take care of everyone else, Maura has never truly enjoyed her adolescence, maturing too quickly for my taste. She is soon contacted via skype by her parents, who are unsurprisingly not tech savvy, with bad news. They are placing the family home on the market, and she has to clean out her old room filled with memories. But this isn’t the worst part of it; She now must break the news to Kate, her rebellious and sexually-inclined sister. The movie continues with Maura making a couple awkward moves on her parents’ next door neighbor, James, while short-fused Kate can’t seem to get a grip on reality until she has to be the “mom” of the biggest “I’m old, but let’s all pretend we’re 21 again” party of the year.

Undoubtedly, the most interesting scene in Sisters is when Maura seems to finally gain confidence (You go, girl) and takes the lead in the little fling between her and James. But as she is about to get a somewhat romantic kiss in the attic, the flooring caves in. Just when we thought she was getting lucky, we’re proven wrong. Falling into her old bedroom with James next to her, the entire attic pours onto the beds of the sisters, and well, everywhere else. Luckily, James saves the day and cleans the entire place. You’ve got a pretty great guy, Maura.

With trending hashtags like #YouCanSeeThemBoth emerging after its premiere, Sisters will leave you choking on your popcorn, making that large overpriced slurpee much more worth it. All-in-all, this movie has its great moments with the entire audience erupting into laughter, while it also has its low points of extremely cheesy moments that could’ve been cut out. However, with the casting of Poehler and Fey, and their undeniable chemistry conveyed on the screen, the movie still works.

Sisters can motivate any Townsend student, especially myself, to transform from the lame-Maura lifestyle to the dynamic-I-actually-have-a-social life-Kate lifestyle. It’s never too late guys.