Printing Prowess: Laser Printer Eases Club Activities

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Townsend Harris clubs and teams can now print any posters, advertisements, and banners in school, thanks to the Student Union’s very own dedicated high-tech printer.

The acquisition of the printer earlier this school year answered a longstanding need that had weighed on student groups. Clubs looking to print signs or memos were forced to wheedle their way into the print queue of the main office or at a commercial printshop off campus.

The printer is under the authority of Coordinator of Student Activities (COSA) Sarah Oberlander, who is also the advisor of the SU. She described the printer’s capabilities and flexibilities stating, “It can take any flyer and pretty much expand it or blow it up to a much larger size, and print it out in color.” She also added that it can print pictures onto photo paper.

SU Club Liason Ivy Lam commented that “I am very excited that the student body has access to this printer because it will help the clubs and teams effectively advertise and will fill our dull walls with high-quality colored posters and banners.”

SU President Sherin Shibu agreed, “We bought the laser printer with the intent of enhancing our school.”

Despite free, accessible, and versatile use of the printer–purchased in October–use of it is not as high as one might expect. Ms. Oberlander hopes that “over time, people start to use it a bit more” and promoting events like Hennafest “would be the perfect opportunity to use it.”

However Sherin mentioned regulating the use of the printer by student groups describing, “We could set up system of request and approval, if students would like a defined process. We’re working  on a planning-intensive project.”

Ms. Oberlander suggested that students consult with her first if they want to use the printer so that their needs can be closely met.

Nonetheless, the SU has used the laser printer to create Townsend Harris spirit banners in the gym and weight room as well as promote the Nepal Youth Foundation, pep rally, and blood drive.