Postponed SAT brings relief to some and grief to others as college application deadlines approach

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Winter Storm Jonas dumped 20 inches of snow into the streets of New York last Saturday, closing roads and canceling the SAT. All College Board exams, including the SAT and SAT II are postponed to February 20 or 27, depending on the exam location. This one-month delay puts smiles on the faces of some Townsend Harris High School student, while embedding grief and disbelief into the minds of others as college application deadlines approach.

Many THHS students remarked that the postponed test took a big burden off of their baks as finals week followed the initial exam day.

“I was so glad it was cancelled because with the schoolwork and tests piling up, I didn’t have any time to prepare for the SAT,” says Junior Sabrina Cheng.

Junior Noorshifa Arssath remarked, “I was absolutely elates that the SAT was moved. It gives me more time to review all the material and I have an opportunity at scoring higher… Finals week was coming up soon as well and I had two wrestling matches that week and the Mayors Cup that Saturday, so I was really stressed. The Blizzard was a life saver.”

Other students were filled with dismay as they had been mentally prepared to take the SAT on January 23, but now must toil for several more weeks stressing and re-gearing their minds for the major exam.

Junior William Mun stated, “I’m slightly annoyed to be honest because I was hoping to get it out of the way. I was in the perfect testing mentality since it was before finals, bit now I have another month of stressing and studying to do.”

Sophmore Carmela Lopez, Ready to take her SAT Biology Subject Test, said, “Overall, I was a bit disappointed that it was postponed just because I really wanted to get it over with.”

The postponed SAT was especially bad for seniors like Nicholas Rahim, who has designated January 23 as their last chance to redo the test because of imminent college application deadlines.

“Well, it affected me negatively. I’m a senior; it was kinda my last chance,” remarked Nicholas.

The postponed test leaves no options for any seniors to retake the SAT, leaving them with no option but to rely on their scores from previous test dates.

Despite all of the positive and negative impacts Winter Storm Jonas left on standardized test-takers, rumors say that the make SAT will be harder, according to THHS students.