Science Olympiad divides and conquers

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The Science Olympiad took two teams to their second invitational competition of the season in Albany at Columbia High School. They placed third and eleventh overall with students taking home ribbons in multiple events.

The invitationals, held on January 9, allowed students to get a taste of what the real competition would be like, especially in preparation for the upcoming regionals.

Junior Gabrielle Mompalao feels that “invitationals are a great wake up call for regionals and give new Science Olympiad members the perfect opportunity to get their feet wet in new areas of science.”

Preparation for these competitions involves self-studying with guidance and resources provided by their coaches. Students work in pairs to compete in a variety of events. As a team, they are encouraged to create a dialogue among themselves to help each other build a foundation for their knowledge.

Science Olympiad Vice President senior Cindy Lin stated, “It’s a team building experience. You get to take people who aren’t that experienced in [Science Olympiad] and give them needed experience and exchange resources.”

Gabrielle added, “Having two teams allows us to bring more people to the invitational to get more experience and then apply that experience at major competitions such as regionals.”

Though entering two teams into a competition may foster rivalry, bringing more teams increases THHS’ ranking as a school. With 25 events to cover and 15 members on each team, some students had to take on three events.

Cindy anticipated the outcomes of the competition. She explained, “What was expected was the gap of ranks between the two teams, since one had more new people, but they all had great abilities.” The team of new members ended up placing eleventh, a respectable feat for some who have never been to a Science Olympiad competition before.

Science Olympiad coach Mr. Thomas Sangiorgi commented, “I am very proud of my rising stars.”