Classical Languages Exams Coming Up

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With the rush of this week’s events and FON being less than a few days away, it might be easy to forget another major event on the horizon: the National Latin and Greek Exams.

The exams, pure multiple choice, represent a short portion of the classical languages taught in Townsend Harris. The price of the exams was approximately 5 dollars and preparations have begun already in class so students can achieve their goals on the exam.

Junior Darsiya Krishnathasan said that “The best way to practice for the NLE or NGE is through practice in past exams. I find these tests to be easier than the actual class tests.”

One way that students are motivated to do well on the exam is through the acquisition of a ribbon. Depending on the percentage correct, students have the possibility of achieving a ribbon to commemorate their success.

Sophomore David Betancur plans on “Reviewing some culture the day before like clothes and history.” He describes how he plans on closely reviewing the syllabus for the exam which has become like a “bible” for Harrisites who take a classical language.

The results of the exams either for National Latin or Greek take a long period of time to be determined. So although the exams may be completed early March, the actual grades will not be in till much later due to the fact that the exams have to be sent to a grading facility outside the state.

The exams will take place next Tuesday and a special schedule will shorten the day to facilitate the administration of the test at the end of the school day.