Boys Baseball Preview

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The boys baseball team, led this year by senior captains Evan Noblesala, Michael O’Neill, and Mason Rivero, plan on doing everything within their power to help propel their team toward a successful playoff run this season. Though the upcoming season will include some inevitable struggle due to the loss of several important seniors, the future still looks bright, as a number of their core players remain on the team.

Nevertheless, this deficit of players requires a strong regimen and chemistry between players.

In terms of improvement, captain Mason Rivero stated, “Practicing as a team and bonding off the baseball field will develop a bond that makes this team tougher and more secure.”

As for their goals for this season, junior Louis Nicolosi commented that “We’ve won in the first round of the playoffs and lost in the second both times [in my tenure on the team]. This year, I think we still have a really good team… I think we should go further than the second round.” Emphasizing this point, Mason went on to add that “the second round of the playoffs is not an option.”

Aiming to set a good example as captain, Mason made it known that he wants to remembered as “a great teammate and as a hard worker.” He espoused his philosophy on training and setting goals for athletes.

“Realistic goals are hard to set because anything not absurd is achievable depending on how much work you put in on the diamond and in the cage. According to Mason, the ultimate goal is to win a championship. “Yes, we should all have fun doing it, but we will also work harder than ever. Winning is the biggest reward. I hope to become a PSAL champion this year,” he concluded.