The World Celebrates International Women’s Day

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International Women’s Day, otherwise known as International Working Women’s Day is celebrated on the Eighth of March every year, and commemorates women for their social economic, and political achievements. In addition, this day is used to promote gender equality and to stop discrimination towards females.

Many believe that Women’s Day is a great concept because it raises awareness of the struggles women face worldwide. Especially in patriarchal dominated societies, it reminds people that women are just as capable as men and deserve the same respect and recognition.

Gender discrimination still exists today, therefore the added emphasis on the importance of women in society, through days such as this one promote positive attitudes.

Sophomore, Ashish Bansal remarks that, “Women go underappreciated in society [and that] Women’s day is a great idea because it gives women their much deserved and needed respect.”

Similarly, Sophomore Aleksandra Hubczak says, “International women’s day represents an appreciation that is often overlooked in society today, so having this specific day is nice”

By having this day, people are also able to reflect on the women who have impacted their lives and thank them for their contributions, as Sophomore Steven Sebastian says, “we tend to forget  how much women have impacted [our] lives.”

Social media apps such as Snapchat have implemented special filters commemorating International Women’s Day. Also, the subject has been trending tremendously across Instagram and Twitter, raising awareness over women’s equality.

As teenagers and young adults we tend to overlook and take things for granted. However, it’s days like these that we take time to acknowledge the difference women have made in the world and how women should be appreciated everyday, not just on March 8th.