10Below thaws hearts

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Having ice cream isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when the temperature is under 40°F. However, with the grand opening of 10Below Ice Cream in Flushing on February 12, it seems that getting ice cream is the number one priority for most people.

After the opening of its second store, photos and videos of this aesthetically appealing dessert could be seen clogging up the Instagram feeds. The intricate process involved in creating this dessert is what makes it a treat. Servers first chop up the main ingredient on the cooling plate, which reaches temperatures of -10˚F, hence the parlor’s name. The cream is then poured onto the plate, and the two ingredients are mixed together with two blades. The employee then carefully scrapes the ice cream into rolls and places them into a cup. The customer then chooses from a range of toppings, which include fresh fruit, a variety of syrups, and lightly toasted marshmallows.

10Below Ice Cream provides visitors with a combination of the taste of ice cream and the excitement of the unfamiliar form it comes in. This parlor provides eight choices to choose from for $7.00. A highly recommended choice is the Thai-iced tea, dubbed Ain’t Got No Thai Fo’ Dat. Reminiscent of the taste of bubble tea, this dessert provides an original, smooth texture and the sweetness is tempered by the sourness of the strawberries that we chose as one of the toppings. The marshmallows, one of the other toppings were purposely burnt to make it pleasant to eat.

Although this ice cream parlor provides a unique type of ice cream, the atmosphere isn’t outstanding. There is no seating area for people to enjoy the treat, only a single table stands outside of the ordering station, where napkins, spoons, and melted ice cream can be found. Nonetheless, people are willing to look past these shortcomings because the Thai-style ice cream rolls overrules it. The newest craze among foodies is not to be missed.