Anything but a “Bare” Burger

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Walking into Bareburger, one immediately relaxed and comfortable. There are several locations, but the one most convenient for Townsend student is located on Austin Street in Forest Hills. The furniture and lighting give the restaurant a very Western feel as the floors and wooden walls give off a sense of being in a barn.  The walls are adorned with peculiar portraits of animal heads featured on human bodies, a part of their signature decor.  The tables continue to demonstrate the theme as they are cut from tree trunk, offering a more whimsical place to eat.

Aside from the unique decor, the wide array of meats stood out on the Bareburger menu.  The burgers contain anything from beef and chicken to wild boar and elk. They are served on either a sprout bun or brioche bun, and topped with various greens, cheeses, and sauces. Patrons can either choose from the signature burgers or build their own.

Bareburger offers several “All-American” appetizers to start off the meal. To accommodate our party of five we chose the Macho Fries, fries topped with guacamole, cheese, jalapeños, and buttermilk ranch.

After the Macho Fries, we stayed on the adventurous route and chose the Elk Burger comprised of an elk patty and blue cheese. Served in a rustic metal tray lined with layers of tissue paper, the unusual combination of country bacon, onions, tomato, and fig jam blended together perfectly. However, this burger does require an acquired taste for the blue cheese. In addition, this is not the choice for those looking to eat healthythis burger, unlike most of the others, actually does not have any greens.

We also decided to build our own burger. Desiring something specifically fit for our taste, we decided to choose the duck patty in a brioche bun, spilling over with cheese. We also chose crispy lettuce and sweet marinated sauce. Yet, these are not the only toppings one can choose for his/her burger. The ‘Be My Burger’ option provides a variety of patties, buns, cheeses, veggies, sauces, and spreads that can be used to build your burger. Not only does it give you a backup in case you don’t like any of the signature burgers, but it also gives you the freedom to try new things.

Although the food here is a bit on the pricey side, the staff made up for it with exceptional service and courteous waiters that accommodated the customers’ needs. Even during shift changes, the process was smooth and did not interrupt our meal in any way. Bareburger also has other sandwiches, drinks, and desserts to choose from if you are not a fan of burgers.