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Since mid-March, Nintendo has been making its way into headlines and all over the app-world. Nintendo had recently released its first ever worldwide app Miitomo, where users create and customize characters (aka Mii’s as Nintendo has named them) that ask the users themselves questions. Once answered, the answer is shared with all friends of the user on the app. It has been described as not only a way for users to go crazy with freedom of their characters’ personal appearances and personality traits, but also a way to build friendships with intriguing and humorous answers.

Featured in this app is the ability to earn coins for your Nintendo account.  With Miitomo being an increasingly popular app of social media comes the large use of it by teens, especially in Townsend Harris. “I love Nintendo’s stuff and the fact that it was their first full app on another platform other than Nintendo’s. I like reading the funny comments and answers people make to serious questions!” said junior Mitchell Mu. Indeed, Nintendo has made its first app available to both Android and Apple users. However, as most debuts of apps usually are, there are some huge turnoffs and faults. “I started playing Miitomo to earn coins for my My Nintendo account. After I redeemed enough coins to receive a free DS game, I stopped playing altogether. The game took too much of my time and too much storage on my IPhone.” said junior Kyra Hu. This app requires about 62 MB of storage for IOS and 32 MB for Android, as well as occasional crashes. Yet, this app is still on the rise, making into the Top 10’s of app reviewers, hitting the No. 1 on U.S. IOS downloads in only 24 hours of its release, and well past a million downloads.