Matt Lemanczyk- New Physical Education Teacher

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Mr. Lemanczyk, the newest gym teacher, moved to Townsend Harris from the Great Neck Public School system. There, he taught a wide variety of students, ranging from those in pre-K to those in high school. Mr. Lemanczyk has a Bachelors of Science degree in Sociology. He also minored in psychology at Sacred Heart University, along with obtaining a masters degree from Queens College. In regards to how his former training helped him at Townsend, he commented that though “in the Great Neck Public School District… education and teaching were held at such a high standard, the work [at THHS is]… taken to the next level with regard to the care and how much here is student oriented.”


Mr. Lemanczyk has a Bachelors of Science degree in Sociology. He previously taught at Great Neck. “THHS has an incredible reputation, in both New York State and in the country, for being one of the best and the brightest high schools… [This was] a great opportunity. I am definitely excited about this school because of its tradition and history… This will be my seventh year teaching and I’ve never seen anyone so excited and eager to learn [as these students] and teachers seem ready to provide them with the tools they need to learn.”


“He’s cool. I haven’t really gotten to know him and his classes too much, but from the first day he seems to really enjoy what he’s doing, and he seems super into it. You can really see he likes what he’s doing, and he wants to make the students time here as enjoyable as possible.”

  • Jairo Reina, Class of 2019