The technology behind the Election Simulation documentary

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The Election Simulation, one of the most popularized events at Townsend Harris High School, recently kindled the interests of Alexandra Stergiou and Joe Bender, two filmmakers hoping to document the tradition in a 80 to 90 minute film. In the past, media conglomerates such as The New York Times and MTV have publicized the event, but Stergiou and Bender’s approach is the first to involve filming the process itself.

When asked about their filming equipment, Bender commented, “The camera we are using is the Sony A7s. The camera is light and ergonomic but gives a beautiful, high resolution image.” The Sony A7s offers a 12.2 megapixel CMOS sensor with sensor micro lenses accompanied by anti-aliasing filters. The film will be recorded in 4k and 1080p but finished off in 1080p. Senior Michal Davydov commented, “The people who film us are really nice and like to get involved with not only filming the simulation but also just who we are as people, so it doesn’t feel weird.”

Along with the cameras, various mics and audio devices are being incorporated. Bender commented, “We are recording sound with the 633 mixer by Sound Devices. We are using a mixture of wireless Sanken Cos-11 lavalier microphones and a Sennheiser NKH-60 boom microphone.” The Sanken Cos-11 allows for hands-free recording, while the Sennheiser NKH-60 focuses the filtration of sound on one area, producing unrivaled sound clarity.

Once the film is completed, it will be privately sent into film festivals, but the film’s popularity is not ensured. Stergiou elaborated, “It’s hard to say how popular it will be, but I believe it will resonate positively.”

Even though the filming may be tedious, Stergiou and her crew related that the entire process was enjoyable. She recounted that “it truly is an honor to be making this film.”