C-30 process resumed

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The next C-30 posting for a principal vacancy position at Townsend Harris High School will be posted on February 1, allowing for other principals to apply for an opportunity to receive a permanent position at THHS.

Previously, the C-30 posting on the Department of Education’s website on January 3 and 17 did not include THHS, though it listed principal vacancies for other schools. The original C-30 meeting was supposed to be held on December 8, but the process was then postponed indefinitely as the result of an investigation.

DOE deputy press secretary Will Mantell said, “We are reposting the position, and will hire a Townsend Harris principal in accordance with the C-30 regulation. We continue to listen to feedback from this school community. The C-30 investigation was delayed pending an investigation that has been closed.”

President of the Parent Teacher Association Susan Karlic was happy to hear from the DOE that the process will be restarted.

Ms. Karlic previously attended two Panel for Educational Policy meetings and addressed concerns about the C-30 process to Chancellor Carmen Fariña.

In December, the PTA passed multiple resolutions that demanded Ms. Jahoda be removed immediately as Interim Acting Principal. For the next C-30, Ms. Jahoda, along with all other previous applicants from the previous pool, will still be a part of the applicant pool. Ms. Karlic said that even now, “The PTA does not want her [Ms. Jahoda] to be considered [for a] permanent principal position” and that the PTA “will remain strong and tenacious in having parents contact the DOE and elected officials….in support of our resolutions unanimously voted on December 15.”

Co-president of the Townsend Harris Alumni Association Craig Slutzkin also received word that the C-30 process would resume. He was contacted by Superintendent Lindsey, who informed him that when a permanent principal is appointed, he or she will immediately begin working at the school.

Queens borough president Melinda Katz previously published a public statement in December addressed to the Chancellor. In this letter, Ms. Katz requested that the DOE address the concerns of the community. Regarding the C-30 process being resumed, she released a statement on Facebook, saying she hopes “the community’s voice will be heard during this process, which is designed to incorporate public input into the process of hiring a principal.”

Regarding the resuming of the C-30 process, Ms. Jahoda declined to comment.