New club feature: Pre-Med Society

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By Diya Vanjani and Manpreet Kaur, staff writers

Many students in Townsend Harris High School desire to have a career in healthcare, and so the school is now in the process of creating a club for those interested in the medical field.

This new club is called The Pre-Med Society, which will focus on helping students learn about medical concepts and educating students about different paths they could take in the vast medical field. The club will meet every Monday in room 642.

“The Pre-Med Society is working to help students learn more about the medical fields as well as to find ways to gain community service. It is a club where students can share their passion of science with others and create friendships,” says Co-President Mariam Saleh-Esa.

The club seems to have a lot of ideas and goals that they wish to carry out and accomplish throughout this school year. Co-president Subaita Almobin says that they would like to have opportunities for club members to experience what it is like working in the medical field. Members would learn about different job options available through volunteer opportunities in local and school hospitals, going on trips to colleges that offer pre-med, inviting people such as doctors and nurses to speak about their experiences, or by watching medicine related movies, hosting CPR classes, participating in dissections, and other medical activities.

Mariam adds, “The Pre-Med Society is a brand new addition to our school. During the summer, I volunteered in Elmhurst hospital along with junior Oluwafisayo Adeoye. She brought up the idea of the Pre-Med Club Society. Since I wanted to pursue a career in the medical field, I decided that it was a brilliant idea and this club would be a great addition to our school.” Out of all the clubs available at Townsend Harris, a club that has to do with medical concepts has never been offered before.

Students seem to be interested in this new club. Junior Roshini Liliah states, “I think that Townsend hosting a pre-med club would be a great opportunity for students to get a taste of the medical field. I would consider joining it because I am undecided as of which future career path I want to follow but I could join the club to see if the medical field is a possibility.”

Overall, this club is a good option for those who want to explore a future career option. Students can join this club if they are not sure about which career they want to pursue, or if they want to explore something new.

Mariam Saleh-Esa says that they still have to confirm an advisor for the club. “I worked with Subaita and Oluwafisayo to make this club from a dream to a reality,” she remarks.