Keeper’s Day wrap up

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By Rhea Singh and Jennifer Mendez, Staff Writers

Townsend Harris’ second annual Keeper’s Day brought the 2018 school year to a close by giving students and faculty a chance to enjoy some luau-themed festivities.

Intended to be a contrast from the “formal qualities” of Founder’s Day, which takes place every October, Keeper’s Day was created to invoke a relaxed atmosphere where students can celebrate another completed year of school and reflect on how the Ephebic Oath was upheld. Assistant Principal Georgia Brandeis, one of the main organizers of the event, said, “We had just had a pretty rough year. Morale was low. We needed something to unite us and celebrate the many amazing things that our students accomplished that year, and every year.”

Senior Chloe Chan described her experience at Keeper’s Day as a “nice time to relax after the end of a hectic semester.” For 2018, the selected theme was “Beach/Paradise/Luau,” which inspired a colorfully decorated exit that led towards the parking lot, meant for fun pictures with props such as beach balls, inflatable surfboards, a giant “ALOHA” sign, and a large assortment of Hawaiian leis.      

The parking lot was set up with several booths where students could play a variety of games. There were also several inflatables, such as Hungry Hungry Hippos, an obstacle course, a rock climbing wall, and a Bungee Run. The Muslim Student Association also had a henna booth set up where students could receive a henna tattoo. Junior Nicole Luzuriaga commented, “I really liked how cheap the price of getting a cool henna tattoo on my hand was.” In future years, there will be more carnival features. Brian Sweeney, one of the main event organizers, said, “I want a Ferris Wheel. A big one. But it’s not cost effective right now.”

In addition, a variety of food was available for students. Junior Jacqueline Cho said, “I enjoyed the food options a lot, especially the Greek food because it provided an actual meal for a reasonable price…the hot dog cart was smart to bring back because a lot of people wanted a free food option.”  

If students wanted to step away from the hot sun, a program of performances was scheduled in the school’s air conditioned auditorium. Senior Remi Baselice hosted his own version of a game show on the auditorium stage, called “You Don’t Know Jack: THHS Edition,” which he referred to as a game that was “more outside the box fun fact trivia.” Participants were chosen to go up and compete in a comedic trivia game for prizes like stuffed animals and Keeper’s Day tickets, which students collected to put in a raffle for the prize drawing. The game show was followed by a singing performance from physics teacher David Stern and a hula-hoop performance by Sarah Loew, the Coordinator of Student Events. Senior Supriya Singh said that, “witnessing the hidden talents of our wonderfully devoted faculty and staff was more than spectacular.”

SU President Salima Ali reflected on the hard work that went into putting this day together, saying, “There were many committees such as the auditorium programming, decorations, food, fundraising, game booths, program design and t-shirt. Many people came together to make Keepers Day a memorable experience.”

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Sotelo Reiner